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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How I must install Baifox?

Basically, you should read the INSTALL instruccions, compile PHP in CGI mode or install packages, as say in instructions, and untar the file in /usr/local/baifox I recommend it.

How can I access to the panel?

First, init the lighttpd server “/etc/init.d/lighttpd start”. And then use the 7777 PORT in your webbrowser. http://myserver.com:7777.

Use as loign user: admin and password: admin.

I don't like the 7777 port, can I change it?

Sure, simply, modify it in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

What is the login name to access?

By default login user: admin and password user: admin.

Is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5?

Yeah, sure, it was developed under PHP4 and actually is working with PHP5 in some servers.

What software do I need to run baifox?

Only PHP and webserver, baifox save all data in sqlite3 format and panel is developed in PHP.

Where I can change the paths and configuration?

In /usr/local/baifox/panel/admin_panel/config/main_config.php file are all variables.

Works with apache 2?


Why pureftpd and not proftpd?

Err, basically proftpd is more insecure, and when I used it some years ago, it hans't mysql directly support, with some plugins it works, but I probe it with 1000 users, and FTP nevermore get alive. With pureftpd in the same server all works fine. Pureftpd is really fast and secure, and has a lot of features.

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