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Baifox 1.0


Baifox is a GPL control panel to managed services of a hosting service. It doesn't try to compete with Cpanel, Plesk or Ensim propietary software, but sometime, could be a good alternative. Baifox is really lighter than others panel, don't disturb server with heavy loads and cpu consume, only manage services. You can adapt baifox to your needs. Also, unlike other propietary software, it works in most linux distribution and it has been widely tested in DEBIAN. You must install services before and then you install baifox and configure it with your paths.

Is enterilly developed with PHP, some javascript code, all configuration is saved in sqlite3 database, and works under Lighttpd server, could be used with others web servers. Fully compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.


For donations and supporting project to:

-Graphic Design by David Pais from Numen Desarrollo Multimedia S.L.
-Bgta link
-Raul Jiménez from Nicripsia S.L.
-Javier Linares from Crononauta S.L.
-Hostinet S.L. hostinet.com
-Hostaplus hostaplus.com


Bazaar Download

bzr branch http://baifox.org/bzr/


04-04-2009 Baifox 1.0 Final release. Happy happy!!!!! LOL

01-01-2009 New release, XML config change to sqlite, and some bugs fixed. Happy new year!!!!!!

16-11-2008 Ported SVN to Bazaar VCS 8-O

29-08-2008 Baifox 0.9.9 (1.0 release candidate) now for donwload. Now with mod_cron and Nanoweb Server has been removed, baifox now use lighttpd.

14-07-2008 Nanoweb bug solved in nanoweb 2.2.9, but baifox never user nanoweb ever more. Now I will provide a configuration for lighttpd, to make work baifox easiest

09-05-2008 Nanoweb sever fails with php 5.2.6, 99% cpu use


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